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Lightning is that main Character who dosn't know her own name,
She is an I'Cie,
She was chosen by the Vryatsl as the enemy of humnabity who will bring the down fall of the world as we know it,
She has been working fo an organization of some sorts thats made her be regarded as a threat for Cocoon after a unknown event.

Weapon = Sword / gun blade ,(transfroms between gun mode and sword mode)
and also has an anti - gravity Device.

Snow Villiers

Originally known as Mr 33cm, which is his shoe size
He has blonde hair, a bandanna and a long grey coat that reminds FFVIII-players of Seifer’s.  Snow has been seen riding a Shiva motorcycle which consists out of a twin-sister Shiva incarnation.  Presumably it is this summon that can also be recognized in FFXIII’s logo.

Snow lets his fists do the talking.  Being a big guy, it is rumored he is so strong, he can even carry two people and run around with them.  Snow is stronger than Lightning, whereas she is more agile.

Snow Villiers

Oerba Dia Vanille:
She is an l’Cie as well.  Not much information has been revealed about her.  Vanille has been described as a cheerful, optimistic character.  She has long, red hair and a pigtail.

Sazh Katzroy

The green-coated, afro-headed, comic-relief black guy of this instalment!  He is a friend of Lightning although he questions her actions at the start of the game.  One of his trademarks is the little Chocobo (Chicobo, perhaps?) that lives in his afro.  Sazh helps Lightning during battles in the demo, but he cannot be controlled (at this time).  He wields guns and uses long ranged shot attacks against enemies.

Team Nora

This team exists out of Lebreau (the beautiful brunette), Gadot (the orange haired, gun-wielding hotshot), and Maqui, who could be either a boy or a girl judging by his/her looks.  They seem to be a typical support cast and it’s unlikely that they’ll become part of the main cast.

Gadot and Lebreau have been described as childhood friends of Snow, while Maqui has been characterized as joining Team Nora because he looks up to Snow and wants to be just like him.

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